Building immersive environments to support remote students build classmate relationships
A quick summary
For our Master's capstone project, our team worked with our sponsor Quest Labs to explore how we could foster relationship-building and community among students attending fully remote undergraduate programs. We used legos as avatar placeholders to prototype 3D environments, movement, and interactions within an immersive multiplayer virtual world called Recess.
Business Context
Education is moving remote
The pandemic forced higher education to go remote. Now, more and more schools are offering hybrid and remote instruction.
Remote students have few tools to connect with each other naturally
But is a college degree just about academics? What about social connections you build and the lifelong friends that you meet through degree programs?
Recess, an avatar-based immersive platform to meet classmates
Recess is a desktop-based app that helps remote undergraduate students build connections with their classmates.
My role + team
  • Design lead for multidisciplinary team of 3
  • Team members: Tsahao Yu, Aishwarya Chenji
  • POC for sponsor: Quest Labs
  • Design mentorship
  • Weekly studio critique
TIMELINE + Constraints
  • 6 months
 (research - 10 weeks, design - 8 weeks)
  • Budget: $500
  • Research and synthesis
  • Design principles
  • Storyboarding
  • Experience design
  • 2D + 3D Prototyping
  • Creative direction
Concept video
...stay tuned for more!
Next project
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